Schwedt invests - New hall on the Oder

Every year, BUTTING invests at the various sites. Here we constantly respond to the impulses of the market and implement them in a targeted way in production plants and innovative technologies.

In order to optimize and expand production in Schwedt / Oder, BUTTING Anlagenbau is currently investing in the construction of a new hall, which is to be completed by the end of this year.

This summer, the construction of a new hall began on the works premises in Schwedt, located in Brandenburg, an eastern federal state. The 183 m x 25 m hall is intended, inter alia, to create space for an extended production line. Up to now, BUTTING Anlagenbau has produced single-part vessels or vessels in several individual segments having a maximum height of 3 metres. In the new hall we plan to make large vessels and columns from individual segments with a height of up to 6 metres. Thereby we will not only optimize our production processes, but also expand our production range and at the same time increase our versatility.

The new building has already given rise to great excitement in the surrounding area during the initial phase of construction: At the beginning of July, a civil engineering company discovered a land-mine dating from the Second World War. During the following weeks, the explosive ordnance disposal unit, which had been summoned immediately, found other unexploded anti-personnel land-mines. The mines were made safe by a team of experts in controlled explosions.

Parallel to the construction work, a specialized enterprise has been searching the premises for other unexploded material. The searching is terminated right now and the area is free of explosive ordnances. Hence we will be able to inaugurate the hall in the coming year without the risk of explosions. 

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