Restructuring procurement at BUTTING in Knesebeck

One of the annual goals for BUTTING in 2016 was to continue to optimise its supply chain (supply and value-added chain) in process cycles as regards throughput time, costs and quality. Now the procure-ment process has been adapted to the new requirements and restructured accordingly.

The raw material costs represent the largest portion of costs by far for BUTTING. They are critically important for our competitiveness. In addition to very good purchase prices, modern "professional" procurement is characterised by optimal integration of the procurement processes in the organisation as a whole.

Together with a consulting company specialising in procurement, BUTTING developed a plan for enhanced procurement. The result is a range of measures to be applied in the long term. One measure was changing the procurement organisation. This restructuring was carried out recently. Our new structure will improve the integration of the procurement processes into the whole process flow. We are also shortening the throughput times in administration. At the same time, we are able to optimise communication between each of the interfaces in offer and order processing.

Norbert Heinzle, Managing Director at BUTTING, explains: "In the last few months we have already succeeded in winning projects thanks to the changes to communication with our suppliers. We believe that the improvements made to our processes will ultimately be to the benefit of our customers: our customers will be happy with the fast response times and shorter processing times for offers. And that gives us courage for the future."

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition