Reason to celebrate: Delivery of the 1 000th tube ring

Since 2004, BUTTING has been manufacturing tube rings made of corrosion resistant materials for a client in the food industry. These rings are used in bottling plants as a central receptacle and for directly filling bottles. The partnership with this client has been a longstanding success story for BUTTING, and reached its highest point yet at the beginning of October when the 1 000th tube ring was delivered.

To mark the occasion, the entire production team and staff from marketing and order processing gathered in the production hall. Hermann Butting, President, was also in attendance and, to everyone's delight, had invited Richard Brandes. Richard Brandes had worked in the Sales department at BUTTING until his retirement at the beginning of 2015 and had played a key role in the development of the tube ring. 

In a short speech, the participants paid tribute to past achievements. "Many thanks to the whole team," Hermann Butting announced. "It's ultimately down to the resolve and determination of our salespeople, our innovative and flexible staff, and our strong team spirit that we have been able to maintain this valuable collaboration over many years." 

Henning Bohne, Director of Production Customised components, added: "Since we started production 16 years again, manufacturing has developed continuously. It's thanks to the hard work and ingenuity of our staff that, despite some initial difficulties, we are now producing a premium product our client can depend on."

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition