Pensioners’ Christmas celebrations at BUTTING

On 7 December, the annual pensioners’ Christmas celebrations took place at BUTTING in Knesebeck. More than 70 former employees, both pensioners and older employees working part-time, accepted the invitation of the Management and the Works Council to visit the festively decorated canteen of the family business.

Works Council Chairman Burkhard Olfermann and Managing Director Dirk Meinecke gave short speeches to welcome the invited guests. In his look back at the year, Dirk Meinecke reported on the company's innovations, such as the investment in new machinery and the completion of various projects. He emphasised that this year BUTTING was able to look back on a 240-year history, in which those present had also played a significant part.

After the informative part of the celebration, the large cake buffet was opened. As in previous years, the members of the Works Council had again provided a varied selection of home-baked cakes.

To the surprise of the guests, the school choir of the Knesebeck primary school appeared and everyone enjoyed their well-known Christmas carols. They were also appearing to show their thanks for the choir children's T-shirts which had been financed out of the development fund of BUTTING employees.  Afterwards, Hans-Dieter Weckner, who had been in charge of elbows production until his retirement, read out a Christmas poem to show his gratitude for arranging the annual celebration.

Managing Director Dirk Meinecke mingled with the guests and anecdotes from BUTTING's past were shared among all the participants. A small snack was then served at the end of the social evening.

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition