Partner in the Middle Kingdom

BUTTING is setting out on a new road in vocational training: The Vocational Schools II (BBS II) in Gifhorn concluded a Cooperation Agreement in May with the Liaoning Engineer Vocational College (LEVC). The aim of the future collaboration with the Chinese educational institution is the construction of a dual training system for careers as systems mechanics.

The delegation returned from China with lasting impressions: Hermann Butting (Managing Director of BUTTING), Marion Lau (District Administrator for Gifhorn) and Klaus Röhr (Head of BBS II). They spent eight days as guests in Tieling, a city in north-eastern China. In recent years, BUTTING has constructed its own production location in the city of 4 million inhabitants: A production hall of more than 6 000 m² is available for vessel and plant construction. Already 100 employees use the comprehensive production facilities for the production of thin-walled vessels in standing positions.

The main reason for the trip was to sign the Cooperation Agreement between LEVC and BBS II. The shared activities will focus on training apprentice systems mechanics. Young people from China are to be trained in line with the model of the German dual system of training. The dual partners here are LEVC and BUTTING. The seminar contents will always be based specifically on the vocational career. The objective is a vocational training qualification based on the German model. “By cooperating with the local educational institution we will ensure the future training of our own employees. Thus we will create the conditions for long-term, sustainable investment”, explains Hermann Butting with regard to why the family company is giving its support. “Our progress is based on well-trained employees - in Germany just as much as in China.”

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