New representative office for the Asia-Pacific region

The BUTTING Group is continuing to expand its global presence: On 1 September, true to the motto of this family company, “Progress by Tradition”, a representative office in Singapore was opened.

Norbert Heinzle, Managing Director of BUTTING in Knesebeck, explains the objective of this expansion: "BUTTING products are used in projects worldwide. Since the founding of the BUTTING Group we have always focused on the wishes of our customers. Our local presence offers opportunities for customer relationships and sales markets. With the new commercial presence in Singapore we aim to continue this successful strategy and to provide greater personal support for projects in the Asia-Pacific region."

With Lorenzo Ravasi, we have acquired a longstanding specialist in the pipework industry. From 1 September he will take on the role of the BUTTING Manager Asia-Pacific. His knowledge of the industry, long years of experience and knowledge of the regional market are characteristics of the engineer.

Norbert Heinzle says: "Our focus is on the intensification and expansion of local personal customer contacts. At the same time we see this region as having considerable growth potential in the coming years. We aim to generate growth for our production locations and to gain market share."

Since its foundation in 1777, BUTTING has grown continuously. In so doing, we have invested not only in production facilities and the training of our employees, but also in our presence on the global market. In this way, the German craftsman’s company has been turned into the BUTTING Group.

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition