New: Plant Construction division

For more than 245 years, plant construction has been an essential part of BUTTING and crucial to the success of the family business. Within the BUTTING Group we have a number of plant construction sites that have been successful in different segments.

In order to sustainably strengthen the Group's future viability, the plant construction sites have been placed under joint management. Marcel Bartels took over as CEO of the BUTTING Plant Construction division at the beginning of 2024. He explained the strategy for plant construction in the following interview for Perspectives 2024:

Perspectives (P) What objectives are you pursuing with your Plant Construction division?
Marcel Bartels (MB):
BUTTING Anlagenbau offers all our customers the right solution for their needs and projects. Our aim is to implement the solution for the customer's requirements at the most suitable location for them within the BUTTING Group. The division's locations are designed in such a way that we can cover all customer expectations, from being a quality leader in highly specialized plant construction – special material applications, high processing depth through metal cutting, special approvals etc. – through to cost leadership in classic pipeline and vessel construction including assembly. This range of services is complemented by a production site in Tieling in Northeast China, which is managed according to BUTTING values and standards. BUTTING CryoTech in Burgkirchen fills a niche in the division by manufacturing couplings, valves, VIP and complete skids for cryogenic applications in the gas sector. Thanks to the breadth of the Group and the resulting optimized cost structures, we can support our customers throughout the entire life cycle of their products. Project management, logistics, supervision, purchasing advantages and comprehensive project support are provided at all locations, rounded off by both value engineering and entirely new developments.

P: How is this approach implemented in day-to-day business?
MB: Imagine the following: You are a buyer in a company in the pulp and paper-making industry, and need vessels, pipework and on-site expertise for supervision at your construction site. BUTTING Anlagenbau in Schwedt is your ideal partner here – this location remains our expert unit for vessel and pipeline construction as well as assembly and industrial services. With our two locations in Schwedt and China, the BUTTING Group is broadly positioned in the field of plant construction. Both sites are also expanding their capacity on a project-by-project basis to ensure they are able to meet tight deadlines. Our focus is on efficient structures and cost-effective processes.

P: Sounds convincing. Can you give us another example?
Of course. If you are responsible for procurement in the aerospace industry, then you expect the highest quality – along with the necessary approvals in accordance with EN ISO 9100 or NADCAP for production in this highly sensitive industry. Or perhaps you need piping components made from special materials with complex hydroforming processes. In that case, our team at the Knesebeck site is the right partner for you. Especially if the components are to be installed in a vessel made of nickel- based alloys, such as Alloy 602CA. Or if acceptance according to ASME VIII Div. 1 is required. We are specialized in this range of requirements at our Knesebeck site.

P: Those are some very complex requirements.
Yes, and it can be even more complex and, above all, more innovative: We even develop our own products in close cooperation with our customers. These developments are for cryotechnical applications – we actually serve a qualitatively demanding and growing niche market. We also want to develop our own standards in this market and play an active role in the energy transition. We're putting our slogan "More than pipes – for a better quality of life" into practice!

P: Where do you see the greatest added value for your customers in plant construction?
As our customer, you can draw on the BUTTING Group's extensive human resources in all areas of value creation – for design services and in welding, materials and forming technology, as well as in quality assurance and project management. We can utilise this specialist expertise across all locations. At the same time, we have the opportunity to optimise the use of our existing capacities worldwide. Everyone concentrates on their core area of expertise, while focusing on your specific needs as a customer. BUTTING also has a strong financial position. This creates trust with all our contractual partners.

P: What is your vision for plant construction
The BUTTING Group is growing and investing at all locations for the benefit of our customers, our employees and the environment. We give pipes a purpose! With our services, we want to make our customers more successful – working in partnership to realise projects, positively shape the future and make a contribution to society. I am grateful to be able to write part of the company's history along with my teams, and I'm convinced that, together with our customers, we can pass on the BUTTING family business to the 8th generation as an owner-managed, self-determined and healthy company.

BUTTING – more than pipes – for a better quality of life


Photo Marcel Bartels
Marcel Bartels
Managing Director in BUTTING Group