Large vessel: Heavy-duty transport to the port of Schwedt

Recently, "Big Berta" went on a long journey. With the help of a heavy-duty transporter, a large vessel was sent on its way from BUTTING Anlagenbau premises in Schwedt to its deployment location.

BUTTING Anlagenbau in Schwedt had already received a major order in August last year, which included the production of a process column. The large vessel, known as "Big Berta", was destined for a biodiesel plant in Ghent, Belgium. 

Following start of production last November, the first partial delivery took place recently. A heavy-duty transporter took the 54-metric tonne vessel with its impressive dimensions to the port in Schwedt. Rita Paeger from BUTTING Anlagenbau recalls the moment: "With a diameter of almost 7 metres and a length of 26 metres, the vessel certainly stood out due to its sheer size. Thanks to the available capacity, we were able to produce the process column in our production hall. We had to carefully plan transportation well in advance.
The vessel was transported by ship from Schwedt via Szczecin in Poland across the Baltic Sea and North Sea before arriving at its final destination in Ghent. 

Mario Kulow, Managing Director of BUTTING Anlagenbau in Schwedt, knows that "with our stainless steel vessels and our carefully planned logistics, we make an important contribution to conserving resources."

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