Innovation for the oil and gas industry

BUTTING has developed a glued mechanically lined pipe that can be laid by the reel-lay process, without using internal pressure or increasing the wall thickness of the corrosion-resistant liner: the GluBi® pipe!

Thomas Schüller, Managing Director of BUTTING, is convinced of the value of the innovation: "We know that the laying process is an increasingly important factor in the selection of clad pipes. At the moment, reeling is the most cost-effective process for laying piping components and risers. In the light of this, we have developed a new product that reduces laying costs as well as offering potentially lower material costs."

The principle behind the pipe is very innovative: The basis is a mechanically lined BuBi® pipe, which features an additional special adhesive between the carbon-manganese steel and the corrosion-resistant liner. The production process for the GluBi® pipe corresponds to 90 % of the production process for the BuBi® pipe. Thus a time-honoured and tested process can be employed, whose reproducible quality level is universally recognised.

Following extensive testing, Thomas Schüller is already convinced: "The results show that the BUTTING GluBi® pipe is a reel-capable, mechanically lined pipe. Over the coming months, we will reach other milestones in the fields of development and DNV GL qualification."

Benefits at a glance:


  • A wide range of materials and combination options
  • Realisation of very tight tolerance requirements
  • A range of dimensions from 6" to 18"
  • Can be laid using the reel-lay process, without internal pressure or increased liner thickness                                  
  • Reduced laying costs and potential reduction in material costs


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