IHK training ambassadors receive their certificate

At the end of September, four of our apprentices were awarded an official certificate from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) in recognition of their commitment as training ambassadors. Stefan Nees from the Lüneburg-Wolfsburg IHK handed over the certificates. He reminded everyone of that period by telling little anecdotes and expressed his gratitude for the continuously good cooperation.

The apprentices – Alke Dammann (industrial management assistant), Lauren Felgendreher (materials tester), Karina Pollehn (warehouse logistics specialist) and Kristian Weis (machine and plant operator) – attended various IHK seminars at the beginning of their work as training ambassadors, where they were given useful tips and tricks on the subject of "lectures". Using this valuable information, they visited various schools on behalf of BUTTING, where they conveyed the experience and insights from their own apprenticeship to the pupils. This involved talking about their everyday work at BUTTING, as well as their apprenticeship and motives for completing their apprenticeship at BUTTING.
An attraction for many pupils was our welding simulator, which provided them with their first hands-on experience of welding. The best welders in the class were also given a small gift.

Although some of the assignments were cancelled this year due to the special circumstances, Carsten Kamke, who is responsible for technical apprenticeship, is visibly pleased that the ambassador programme is being continued: "This year, it is all the more important to use all the opportunities we have to reach the pupils personally. Since many of the popular training fairs were cancelled, sending our training ambassadors on assignments is currently of particular importance."

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