Goodbye “Old Villa”, hello “Steam Engine”

Progress by Tradition – at BUTTING, this slogan not only applies to pipes or stainless steel products. In Knesebeck, there is to be a modern administration building for employees and customers that is similar to a steam engine in terms of its shape and which thus symbolises traction and dynamics. But where exactly is this building going to be located?

Locals from Knesebeck and BUTTING employees know this building as the "Alte Villa" (Old Villa), the red brick building located at the entrance to BUTTING's works premises in Knesebeck, Germany. Back when the Brinkmann brickyard existed and clay bricks were still produced on BUTTING's current premises until the early 1940s, the "Alte Villa" served as a residential building for the Butting family. In the mid-1970s, the family moved into a new home just outside the company site and the "Alte Villa" was converted into an administration building. It was renovated and expanded again in the 1980s to create additional rooms by means of dormers.

However, only insiders are aware that today's residents of the "Alte Villa" find that the building is giving off unpleasant odours, the floor plan is unfavourable, there is no barrier-free access and there are no possibilities of expanding the building at all. Due to these factors, it was decided that the "Alte Villa" would become "Die Lok" (The Steam Engine). The demolition work has already begun and is to be completed by the end of March.

After the renovation of almost all of the office rooms on the company premises, the former residents of the "Alte Villa" from the HR, Marketing, Finance and Management departments will be able to look forward to "Die Lok", a building with modern office rooms. BUTTING's customers will also have a new reception area and large, light meeting rooms on the ground floor. A facade made from red brick will preserve the history of the property and the "Alte Villa" in the future.

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition