"Golden Broom" award conferred

Safety at work is a significant component of BUTTING’s mission statement. Production departments that provide a particularly good example in this respect are honoured once a year at BUTTING in Knesebeck. As part of the final staff meeting at the end of December, the "Golden Broom" is awarded as a challenge trophy each year. The workshop of the training department received the coveted award for 2018 from the hands of the occupational safety management officer.

We use a variety of measures to continuously and sustainably reduce the number of accidents. The annual award of the "Golden Broom" to individual production departments is a measure to raise awareness of the important issue of safety at work. Last year, the workshop of the training department clearly surpassed the other departments in relation to the relevant criteria. Carsten Kamke, responsible for commercial training in Knesebeck, accepted the award with pride. Jan-Henrik Godau states: "The apprentices are consistently introduced to the important issues of safety at work, order and cleanliness in everyday life. This enables us to achieve our goals and make our work safer in the long term."

Jan-Henrik Godau, occupational health and safety management officer at BUTTING in Knesebeck, explains: "It is our declared aim to establish a culture of occupational health and safety that is practised throughout the BUTTING Group.

In designing our workplaces, we pay attention to the health and safety of our staff and visitors to our premises. We systematically analyse the risk potential of our employees' working environments, such as machinery and equipment as well as workplaces. We evaluate the risks and implement measures for minimising and preventing risks.

In addition, the production departments in Knesebeck are regularly assessed for compliance with occupational safety regulations and requirements. Jan-Henrik Godau explains: "Order and cleanliness as well as well-structured workplaces are the basic prerequisites for safe and effective work." The design of workplaces in accordance with the 5S method is also taken into consideration. Here, it is an essential goal to systematically and sustainably implement standards for the safe, clean and clear design of the work processes in question.

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