Forming technology

For years BUTTING has been seen as a reliable supplier of special ready-for-installation components. The family business produces both individual items and serial products. It recently delivered a high volume of 180° elbows for gages in industrial process engineering.

In addition to the production of longitudinal welded stainless steel pipes, BUTTING also offers a versatile range of forming options for the production of customised components. BUTTING in Knesebeck made a further investment last year in the forming technology field in order to enhance its expertise in this production area. Mechanical and hydraulic calibrating, bending and forming processes are used to work pipes. Particular care is taken to comply with the required tolerances. 

An American customer recently ordered a large quantity of 180° elbows to be used in flow measurement equipment. Direct finishing of our pipe enabled us to produce the elbows both economically and optimally in line with our customer's requirements. We also ensure the high and exact reproducibility of the series parts and constant quality.

Petra Sander, Sales Manager Customised components, is clearly convinced by the concept: "There are a number of advantages for our customers, including adherence to exact inside and outside diameters, great flexibility due to a wide range of dimensions, a consistently high quality product and delivery that complies with a customer delivery strategy. We can also handle other pre-processing steps: In this case, the elbows were mechanically worked at both ends at the customer's request. Clear and convincing proof of BUTTING expertise!"

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