Flying by Antonov to South Africa: The film

BUTTING is internationally renowned for its high-quality pipes. True to the motto “more than pipes”, the family business offers its customers individually prefabricated pipelines and welding constructions to fit the special requirements of the relevant project, for example. BUTTING once again demonstrated its wide range of possibilities in the course of an order for South Africa. A refinery there was to have a large number of pipes replaced. The spectacular transport of the pipes was accompanied by a camera team.

Specifically, the clad pipes amounted to 16 pipelines branching off from one main ring line. BUTTING’s quality and expertise led the customer to extend the original order for these outlet pipes to include the production of a new main ring line. During the shutdown of the refinery in May 2017, this too had to be replaced along with the process pipes. The additional order represented a special challenge for BUTTING. The pipes were an impressive size, with an inner diameter of 2 400 mm.

Thus it was necessary to work out how the large pipe parts could be transported from Knesebeck in Germany to Durban in South Africa. Consultations between the customer and BUTTING led to one special feature: the pipes for the main ring line were flown to South Africa in an Antonov freight plane, one of the largest planes in the world.

A special project – even for BUTTING. A film team had accompanied the transport of the pipes and the loading onto the Antonov. We invite you to be impressed by our possibilities and the pictures.

>>BUTTING: Loading of metallurgically clad pipes

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition