First vacuum insulated piping (VIP) project for the BUTTING Group

Now that SCHWANNER has effectively been integrated into the BUTTING Group, they have once again produced and delivered vacuum insulated piping (VIP) for a project, this time for an "Air Separation Unit" (ASU) in Saudi Arabia.

In such a unit, atmospheric air is separated into its main components. In this case, the VIPs in the unit are used to transport liquid oxygen (LOx) and liquid nitrogen (LN). In total, our customer ordered more than 550 metres of the VIP pipes (63 permanently vacuum insulated spools). The material TP 304L was selected for the process pipe and TP 316L for the vacuum sleeve. The process pipe comprised nominal diameters ranging from DN 25 to DN 250, whereby pressure ratings of PN 10 as well as PN 40 and PN 60 for the high-pressure pipes had to be taken into account. The detailed engineering, including stress calculations, was also performed by SCHWANNER.

Tobias Kain, Senior Sales Manager and authorised representative at SCHWANNER, explains: "Compared to conventional foam-insulated pipes, using VIP saves time and resources: the vacuum insulation is more effective, installation on site is faster and the service life of the pipe is longer. In addition, smaller pipe diameters can be selected so that the cost of materials can be reduced." Our customer from Saudi Arabia was convinced by these advantages.

"For this project, we were again able to implement our product quality to the customer's complete satisfaction – as has always been the goal at SCHWANNER and BUTTING. Together we combine the strengths of pipe production and plant construction with special expertise regarding vacuum insulated piping, for the benefit of our customers," explains Tobias Kain. 

SCHWANNER has been producing vacuum insulated piping for cryogenic liquids since 1984, and in 1990 the company started producing cryogenic valves. Engineering, material testing, installation, documentation and service are also provided.The family business has been part of the BUTTING Group since 2021.

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