Experience further education at BUTTING in a hands-on way

Since stainless steels reached market maturity, BUTTING has been engaged in the processing of these materials. As part of our "Hands-on Days" training programme, the family-owned company has been offering customers and business partners the chance to pass on to their employees our practical expertise in processing stainless steels. In 2018 as well, numerous employees of domestic and foreign customers of the stainless steel processor took advantage of the training offered by the BUTTING Academy in Knesebeck.

Since 2007, the seminar series in German and English has regularly been offered on the company premises of the parent plant. Since then, the two-day continuing education series of the "Hand-on Days" has been very well received. The seminars have become established, especially among trading companies that work with pipes and pipe accessories.

The focus has always been on the need not only for communicating theoretical knowledge, but also for providing enough time for participants to try out the knowledge thus acquired in practice, in relation to current production.

The training series is divided into two consecutive seminars:

At the "BUTTING Hands-on Days I", comprehensive basic knowledge is imparted under the title "All about the quality pipe". Participants are able to clearly describe both the production processes for pipe manufacturing from plates or coils and the standard materials and testing procedures after the training session. The relevant European and American standards and their crucial features are also explained. During the guided tours of the production facilities, the visitors themselves can get actively involved, for example in measuring the precise thicknesses and diameters of pipe walls to the last millimetre.

BUTTING Hands-on Days II put the emphasis on "The quality pipe and its finishing." Participants build on Hands-on Days I to find out the criteria to consider when turning a stainless steel pipe into a component ready for installation. They gain an insight into the welding process and welding technology quality management.

Do you also want to find out more about which components and work processes are necessary to manufacture high-quality pipes, and how to describe them clearly? Then sign up with the BUTTING Academy! In the coming year, the BUTTING Hands-on Days will take place again on the BUTTING factory premises.

The following dates are currently planned:

  • Hands-on Days I in German: 1st and 2nd April 2019
  • Hands-on Days I in English: 6th till 8th May 2019
  • Hands-on Days I in German: 9th and 10th September 2019
  • Hands-on Days II in German: 11th and 12th November 2019

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