EN 9100: BUTTING certified for Aerospace and Defence Industry

BUTTING is a family-owned business defined by a commitment to high quality and reliability. The many different industries served by processors of stainless steel like BUTTING have a wide variety of requirements, making regular certification in accordance with international standards all the more important. These include the European standard FprEN 9100:2016, which checks compliance with quality requirements for aerospace and defence companies. BUTTING became certified in summer 2017 in accordance with EN 9100, and successfully converted to the current standard in May 2018.

True to the motto 'More than pipes', BUTTING manufactures a wide range of ready-to-install components for the aircraft and aerospace industry. The stainless steel processor is steadily expanding its activities and continues to grow in this segment. In the aircraft and aerospace industry, for example, BUTTING has already supplied components for the Ariane 5 launcher, the ISS space station and Airbus aircraft.

The family-owned company has already had EN 9100 ASD EASE (Second Party) certification for many years. This certification covers all areas that perform activities for the aircraft, aerospace and defence industry. As part of certification by an independent third-party certification firm, BUTTING, after brief preparation in June 2017, received an additional, internationally recognized partial area certification for the manufacturing of welded components made from non-rusting, heat-resistant and high-temperature materials, such as high-alloy steels, nickel and titanium alloys. The workstations at which this work is performed are identified accordingly in the respective production and testing departments.

Leonhardt Brandes, Sales Special pipes & components: "This additional certification demonstrates our compliance with the high-quality standards of our customers in the aircraft and aerospace industry and is the basis on which we are now expanding our activities in this sector".

Building on EN 9100, BUTTING is planning to obtain additional certification in accordance with the National Aerospace and Defence Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP). This programme demands that special processes meet requirements that go above and beyond those of EN 9100. BUTTING plans to obtain NADCAP certification by the end of 2018.

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