Discover our new homepage!

Since the beginning of September, the homepage of has had an innovative new look. By making the page scrollable, BUTTING has adapted to its visitors' demand for information and made navigation of the site easier.

The new homepage presents a variety of information about BUTTING, with brief descriptions of each of the product groups, an overview of the latest news and current films. Andrea Kiel, Marketing & Communications, explains: "It was important to us to that we take the user by the hand and present BUTTING's varied skills to them directly on the homepage. In future, visitors to our page will be able to find information much more quickly and easily." Take a look and discover what we have to offer!

Do you have any suggestions about how we can further improve our website? Please contact us! We are happy to accept ideas and requests.

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition

Photo Mareike Gödecke
Mareike Gödecke
Marketing and Communication