Corrosion-resistant riser pipes for the desert

Ready-for-installation components and prefabricated pipework for drilling and well construction technology must display a high degree of functional safety and corrosion resistance. Selecting the most suitable material is crucial here, as is high-quality processing. Recently BUTTING was able to put its ability to the test for an order in America.

Drought caused by climate change and increasing population numbers, combined with declining supplies of fresh water are forcing a rethink and the use of new technologies to produce drinking water. In America they are meeting this challenge with efficient water management and the increasing construction of innovative well concepts. In the south of Nevada, one of the western states in the United States of America, in the future several wells are going to contribute to the water supply for the greater region of Las Vegas. At Lake Mead in the last few months, various models for different well systems have been produced that have to both stand the test of time and win over customers.

At its main plant in Knesebeck, BUTTING produced riser pipes with an overall weight of more than 33 tonnes for an innovative well system. Measuring 812.8 x 10 mm (32") in material 1.4404, the pipes were manufactured both in standard lengths of 5.80 m and shorter lengths specifically for this project. As part of prefabrication, both pipe ends were fitted with a welding-neck flange. After pressure and X-ray testing, the riser pipes were shipped in containers directly to America.

Alexander Schlundt, from Spools & plant construction, comes to a positive conclusion: "Despite the tight deadline requirements between ordering and delivery, we delivered on schedule and won over the customer with our capabilities. We are sure that this well concept will make a significant contribution to water supply."

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