Ceremony to honour the "class of 2020" apprentices

This summer, twelve apprentices from six different training professions successfully completed their apprenticeship at BUTTING. They were honoured at the traditional ceremony at the end of September.

Immanuel Esau, Tobias Rodäbel (both systems mechanics), Darius Horn, Timo Palma, Niclas Schneider, Tim Walter (all machine and plant operators), Joseph Luis Geng, Johanna Kühn (both industrial management assistants), Joschka Jacobs (IT specialist for system integration), Domenic Knoke, Karina Pollehn (both warehouse logistics specialists) and Lauren Andre Felgendreher (materials tester) are pleased about the successful completion of their apprenticeship.

Hermann Butting emphasized that "I am particularly proud of you – and you can be proud of yourself. Be brave and courageous on your life's journey. BUTTING is glad you're here."

The trainers acknowledged the good performance and thanked the vocational school teachers for the well-functioning cooperation between the company and school. Telling little stories and anecdotes, they reminded the audience of the past years of apprenticeship. In addition, each of the successful apprentices received an individually produced collage of pictures to remind them of their training period.

At the end of the event, the vocational school teachers praised the good performance of the apprentices and were proud to have made their contribution. Hermann Butting then stressed that "I am glad that despite the current Covid-19 circumstances, it was possible to invite the families of the apprentices as well." After the youth and apprentice representatives, Alke Dammann and Marlon Dierks, officially ended the ceremony, the afternoon was concluded with light refreshments.

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition