Ceremony to honour successful trainees at BUTTING

In the winter, a total of 15 trainees completed their apprenticeships at BUTTING in Knesebeck. As is traditional, the trainees received their apprenticeship certificates in a ceremony to mark the occasion.

The head of the HR department, Mr. Stefan Fuß, first welcomed the successful trainees, their families and relatives, their trainers and the teachers from the vocational schools to the awards ceremony. In his speech, he praised the successful completion of training as the first major step in a professional career. He added: “For BUTTING, training is an investment in the future – the future of our company and the future of young people. I am proud that we can implement this vision through you." He also thanked the instructors and vocational teachers as well as the parents for their guidance and support during the apprenticeship period. He emphasised: "BUTTING offers its successful trainees further development opportunities to use and expand their knowledge and skills. Take advantage of them!”

The trainers also reviewed the past years of training and praised outstanding performances.
As a small souvenir, the former apprentices received a photographic collage to remind them of their first years at BUTTING.

Trainees from four different professions received awards:
Marlon Dierks, Marcel Klages, Marc Ostrowski, Dominik Quade, Stephan Scherbinski, Till Schöttle, Marvin Siegmund, Niclas Zierenberg and Felix Klapper (all plant mechanics), Andreas Kraus and Nina-Marie Richter (both qualified in electronics), Louisa Schulze (materials tester) and Nils Schulze (cutting mechanic).

After words of welcome from the Works Council, the youth and training representatives and the vocational school teachers, the official ceremony was concluded with a little snack together.

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition