Celebration for apprentices at BUTTING in Knesebeck

At the beginning of July, fifteen apprentices of the family business completed their two- or three-year training periods. In a traditional ceremony, the successful apprentices received their diplomas and were duly celebrated.

Dirk Meinecke, Managing Director at BUTTING in Knesebeck, first welcomed the successful apprentices, their families and relatives, their trainers and the teachers from the vocational schools and then ceremonially presented the diplomas.

Eric Ebert, Jeremias Ebert (both plant mechanics), Roman Abkaimov, Thomas Esau, Brian Frank, Florian Schmelzer, Sven-Hendrik Wargalla (all machine and plant operators), Lukas Vodde (electronics technician for industrial engineering), Marcel Brennecke (material tester), Michael Rosemann (specialist in computer science), Laura Ackermann, Jan Holz, Vanessa Mosch, Raphael Thielemann (all industrial clerks) and Leo Baumtrok (specialist for warehouse logistics) all celebrated their successful apprenticeships. The Managing Director praised them: "Our apprentices consistently performed well." According to Dirk Meinecke, this resulted not least from the trusting cooperation between vocational schools and BUTTING.

The trainers also reviewed the past few years and praised the outstanding performances. The successful apprentices received personalised picture collages to remind them of their many good experiences during training.

The official part of the celebration ended with the speeches of the Works Council, the vocational school teachers and the youth and trainee representatives. Finally a social gathering in the canteen rounded off the eventful afternoon for the successful apprentices.

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition