BUTTING takes a stance: Fighting discrimination against HIV-positive people

On the occasion of World AIDS Day 2020 on 1st December, BUTTING joined the appeal of Deutsche Aidshilfe and signed the declaration of non-discriminatory treatment of HIV-positive people in the workplace.

According to Deutsche Aidshilfe, 38 million people worldwide are currently infected with HIV. For many people with HIV today, the potential discrimination and the fear they encounter outweigh the health consequences of the infection itself. People with HIV also experience discrimination in their working lives. This declaration from employers and various actions within these companies are intended to counteract this.

Norbert Heinzle, Managing Director at BUTTING in Knesebeck, explains the background: "With this declaration, BUTTING – together with many other well-known employers – wants to make a statement against discrimination. We owe our success to unique personalities, the many years of experience of our employees and our teamwork. Our corporate culture offers everyone a chance."

At the main plant in Knesebeck, HIV-positive employees can contact the person responsible for workplace health promotion. Jan Holz is also coordinating the information policy in order to sensitise employees to the topic. He is convinced: "With this declaration, we want to signal publicly that we are addressing the issue of HIV. In this way, we are living our company philosophy and promoting an open and respectful environment for all our colleagues."

World AIDS Day aims to promote solidarity with people living with HIV and AIDS and to counteract discrimination. It is also a day of remembrance for all those who have died as a result of the infection. And it calls for ensuring access to prevention and care for everyone worldwide.

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