BUTTING manufactures special piping for pigging installations

Since the mid-1990s, BUTTING has been manufacturing piggable pipes from stainless steel. In addition to the common materials 1.4307 / TP 304L or 1.4404 / TP 316L, special alloys and special dimensions are also available on request. We supplied pipes and bends for a well-known manufacturer of cosmetic products in the material 2.4605 / Alloy 59 with an inner diameter of 66 mm and 2 mm wall thickness, which were used as a pigging installation.

As well as customer-specific special dimensions in nickel-based alloy, special tolerances were also required. Thanks to its many years of experience, BUTTING was able to meet the customer's requirements and manufacture the product according to the individual specifications.

Tobias Krebiel, Head of Sales Special pipes, is very satisfied with the completion of the order: "The pipeline system covers a length of approximately 300 metres. This includes not only the pipework, but also 90° bends with a radius of 500 mm." Gordon Behne, Sales Manager Special pipes, adds: "A pipeline in special alloy 2.4605 is a greater investment for the customer compared to the standard materials, but the product is all the more durable. Our product thus takes sustainability into account and reduces operating costs in the long term." 

The pigging technique offers the additional advantage of achieving optimal pipeline cleaning while minimizing product losses at the same time.

BUTTING product solutions go beyond the standard. Our pipe store includes a stock of piggable stainless steel pipes in accordance with DIN 2430-1 in the materials 1.4307 / TP 304L or 1.4404 / TP 316L, ranging from ID 54.5 to 206.5 mm. Other dimensions or tolerances are available on request. Depending on customer requirements, we also manufacture piggable bends with single or multiple bends. 

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition

Photo Tobias Krebiel
Tobias Krebiel
Sales Spools & plant construction