"BUTTING lives and breathes innovation!"

The Lüneburg-Wolfsburg and Stade Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) have established an award for the recognition of entrepreneurial personalities as examples for innovation and agents of change. The status of a CCI Innovation Ambassador is awarded to people who, as innovators and lateral thinkers, implement innovative strategies at their companies. One such person is Hermann Butting, sole shareholder of the Butting Group GmbH & Co. KG.

As part of the award, Hermann Butting received a certificate from the Lüneburg-Wolfsburg and Stade CCIs, which made clear the significant characteristics of an innovation ambassador. "The title of CCI Innovation Ambassador is awarded to personalities who, as innovators and lateral thinkers, implement innovative strategies at their companies. They run their businesses successfully, are aware of their responsibilities and use their leadership qualities, courage and exciting ideas to ensure long-term entrepreneurial success – and thus they write another page in the history of honourable businessmen. This award is given for innovative, unusual and ground-breaking entrepreneurial activities".

If one considers the definitions of expressions such as innovation and honourable businessman, the exemplary role and strength of character of the innovation ambassador become clear. Because innovation is not a one-off, short-term state of affairs, but rather a process of introducing change or new developments that can take place over several years and during different phases both within and outside a company. An honourable businessman accompanies this innovation process in the long term and has a well-developed sense of responsibility for his own company. He runs his business in a sustainable way and bases his conduct on virtues that aim at long-term economic success.

Michael Petz, Head of Innovation Training at the Lüneburg-Wolfsburg and Stade CCIs, is an enthusiast for BUTTING's innovative power. "Hermann Butting has created a culture within his company that lives and breathes innovation and thus enables itself to be fit for the future. The family business could not have chosen a more appropriate slogan than 'Progress by Tradition'. Here, progress means innovation".

Another testimony to the innovative power of the family business is a 2015 study on behalf of the magazine Wirtschaftswoche in which BUTTING is rated as one of the 50 most innovative small and medium-sized companies in Germany. Hermann Butting clarifies as follows: "The appointment as Innovation Champion in 2015 and the award as CCI Innovation Ambassador is down to the merits of our employees and confirms our self-conception. Our innovatory strength and problem-solving skills are based on long-standing experience and teamwork – always focussing on combined top-quality performance. Our readiness to change ensures that we will remain fit for the future. For this reason, we will continue to invest in our innovative power and technical expertise".

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition