BUTTING invests in new cleanroom

Certain sectors require components of extreme cleanliness. The cleanliness of oxygen or fuel pipes is enormously important for the aerospace industry. Very high quality demands are therefore imposed on components. These are challenges that BUTTING meets thanks to its high quality standards and long-standing expertise. A new, additional cleanroom with an extra sink unit allows the family company to meet the high cleanliness requirements of its customers, especially those in the aerospace industry. Thanks to this extension of capacity in the final cleaning area, BUTTING will be able to meet the high demand in future.

Friedrich Schulze, Sales Special Pipes & Components, is very satisfied with the investment in the aerospace field: "For BUTTING, the new cleanroom is a crucial factor in addressing customers' special requirements. We develop individual solutions together with them and thereby also constantly expand our considerable specialist expertise.

To be specific, it is an Easyline Cleanroom ISO 7, corresponding to certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1. This standard classifies air cleanliness in terms of particle concentration. The environmental conditions in the new cleanroom reach class 10 000 here. This means that a maximum of 10 000 airborne particles are allowed for every cubic metre of air in the cleanroom.

In addition to the purity of the surrounding air, there are also special cleanliness requirements on the pipes themselves, depending on customers' specifications. Thus particular limits must be complied with regarding the number of particles within the pipes and the non-volatile residue (NVR) in the components. In the aerospace industry field, BUTTING can rely on its long-standing expertise and offers customers optimal results.

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