BUTTING in Knesebeck: new process organisation

True to our self-image at BUTTING, we endeavour to impress our customers with the quality and reliability of our performance. In order to continue implementing this endeavour in future, the organisational structure at BUTTING in Knesebeck was changed at the end of last year. In future, the process organisation will consist of four business units and two central divisions. At the same time, Anna Negri and Dieter Kleen took on their new responsibilities as Business Unit Directors.

The traditional organisation at BUTTING in Knesebeck has been replaced by a process-oriented organisation. Norbert Heinzle, Managing Director at BUTTING in Knesebeck, explains the aim of the reorganisation: "We are concentrating our activities even more clearly on our customers, we want to be even closer to the customer and we want to improve further in terms of speed and efficiency." In future, four business units will focus on the special market requirements:

  • Stainless steel welded pipes
  • Clad pipes
  • Spools and plant construction
  • Customised components

Experienced managers from various sectors have already been recruited for two business units:

The business unit "Stainless steel welded pipes" will be managed by Anna Negri. The Italian-born manager has been at home in the stainless steel industry since 1992. For many years she worked as sales and purchasing manager for pipe manufacturers in Italy and Switzerland. Anna Negri has been with BUTTING in Knesebeck since September 2018. Norbert Heinzle is convinced that her large network and her extensive international market and industry knowledge will strengthen these business units.

Graduate engineer Dieter Kleen is taking responsibility for the fortunes of the business unit "Spools and plant construction". For more than 10 years, the mechanical and welding engineer held various management positions in international companies in the shipbuilding industry. "His extensive experience in the areas of sales and supply chain management is a great asset for us," emphasises Norbert Heinzle.

The Business Unit Directors are looking forward to the challenge and agree on their goals: “Our employees will be closer to the order flow – everything from the preparation of a proposal to the delivery of a customer order is the responsibility of a business unit. In this way, we want to align ourselves to customer needs in all business units, use synergy effects for the greater benefit of our customers and thereby expand our market positions."


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