BUTTING Group: Synergy effects benefit customers

With its efficient global network, BUTTING is at home in the world's growth markets. Our customers gain from the strengths of the individual companies that are grouped together for the benefit of our partners. We were able to demonstrate this successfully for an Austrian customer from the biodiesel industry recently.

A regular customer of BUTTING Anlagenbau in Schwedt required various columns, vessels and piping parts made of stainless steel for a biodiesel plant. These had to be designed, manufactured and approved according to the ASME VIII standard. Within the BUTTING Group we were able to offer our customer solutions appropriate to their needs:

Part of the total volume was approved in accordance with ASME VIII U Stamp. Our main plant in Knesebeck, Germany fulfilled the requirement and took on the production of the pipeline parts in material 304L for the dwell time interval according to the required standard.

Since the vessels and columns had to be designed and approved for use in the biodiesel plant also according to ASME VIII – but without a U Stamp – their production took place in China. At our location in Tieling, China, vessels and columns made of 304L were designed, calculated, manufactured and approved according to the customer’s specifications.

Marcel Bartels, Managing Director of BUTTING International, explains the benefits for the customer: "BUTTING was able to impress in this project with its synergy effects. The better-qualified products from Germany in combination with the lower wage costs and the manufacturing structure from China delighted our customers. For example, we delivered a 5.6 metre diameter column from China to the USA."

He summarises: "The affiliated companies work hand in hand to provide optimal customer support, as well as product and delivery quality under the umbrella of the BUTTING Group."


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Photo Marcel Bartels
Marcel Bartels
Managing Director in BUTTING Group