BUTTING employees donate blood

A blood drive took place at BUTTING’s headquarters in Knesebeck for the first time on 26 June, 2014. All of BUTTING’s employees were given the opportunity to donate blood before or after working hours. The campaign took place in the stainless steel processor’s canteen. A total of 46 employees took part in the blood drive, with 14 of these employees donating blood for the first time.

A team from the Springe branch of the German Red Cross (GRC), which was actively supported by the local GRC in Knesebeck, was responsible for carrying out the blood donor campaign and for supervising the donors. The voluntary assistants ensured that the event was run efficiently and accompanied the donors to the recovery area after the donors had given blood. Here, all of the participants could regain their energy with drinks, filled bread rolls and sausages. The event was organised for the purposes of workplace health promotion (WHP). “We are pleased about the high level of participation and are particularly thrilled with the comparably high number of first-time donors”, says Catharina Heine (WHP) at BUTTING. BUTTING will carry out another blood drive next year thanks to the positive response.

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