BUTTING donates for children

On 28 November, Hermann Butting handed over a cheque for EUR 20 000 as a donation to the “Kinder brauchen Zukunft...im Landkreis Gifhorn“ initiative. BUTTING, the stainless steel processor in Knesebeck, is not giving Christmas presents to customers and decided to give a donation to support regional projects instead.

BUTTING is always conscious of its social and regional responsibility as one of the largest employers in the region. Hermann Butting claims: “We see ourselves as a family company with a large family of employees. We are totally committed to friendly dealings with one another and to the well-being of every individual. All those who wish can fulfil their potential.” That is why supporting disadvantaged people in the region is an affair of the heart for BUTTING. “When I discovered that in the Gifhorn district more than 1 400 children – that means every 13th child – was living in poverty, I wanted to help,” explains Hermann Butting.

The “Kinder brauchen Zukunft ...im Landkreis Gifhorn” Initiative is a joint initiative of the Gifhorn district authority, the Gifhorn local Red Cross branch and Volkswagen Pro Ehrenamt. Under the motto “Benachteiligte Kinder stark machen für die Zukunft!” [Making disadvantaged children strong for the future], the Initiative supports various projects in the local childcare centres. Karin Single of the DRK-Kreisverband Gifhorn e. V.[the local branch of the Red Cross] says: “We want to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged children in a targeted and sustainable way.” Among other things, the initiative works to ensure that every child receives a hot meal every day in the childcare centres. Parents in need of help are also supported when they buy what is needed when their child first goes to school. “In this way we want every child to have the same starting chances in education, irrespective of their social origins,” adds Rolf Amelsberg of the Gifhorn district authority, who is responsible for the Youth, Social Affairs and Health area.

This year BUTTING is deliberately not giving Christmas presents to customers and giving a little bit of charity instead. Hermann Butting explains: “The donation to the Initiative is meant to give children growing up in poverty the chance of a proper future. At the same time we wish that children can enjoy a happy childhood and discover their capabilities.”

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