BUTTING Brasil grows despite economic crisis

Brazil is in a state of emergency: the country is struggling with the most serious economic downturn for three decades. BUTTING Brasil is holding its own in a competitive market and has been able to win a variety of projects for both the chemical industry and the pulp and paper industry. Managing Director Uwe Margraf reports: “The number of new orders in our Brazilian BUTTING Group production plant has dramatically increased in the third quarter of 2015.”

In 2014, BUTTING set a new milestone in the most populous country in South America: the family business has set up a new custom-made production facility. In this workshop in the Joinville / Santa Catarina district, the stainless steel processing company is manufacturing vessels, tanks and components ready for installation from corrosion-resistant and clad materials.

Last month, several projects were concluded for the chemical industry and the pulp and paper industry. The customers were internationally active companies from the Brazilian and South American markets.

Recently, BUTTING Brasil received an additional order from the Brazilian branch of a Finnish manufacturer of special chemicals: three chlorate vessels made from TP 316L material, 10 m in diameter and in height, were prefabricated in the plant and assembled directly on the end customer’s construction site. At the same time, BUTTING Brasil is currently assembling a vessel in a South American pulp and paper plant.

Managing Director Uwe Margraf reports: “Our comprehensive production facilities, well-trained staff and quality standards adapted to the task in hand will enable us to impress our customers with our products and services in future as well.”

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition