BUTTING awarded contract from Sweden

In June, Stora Enso Skoghall AB contracted BUTTING Behälterbau in Schwedt, Germany, for the supply of prefabricated pipelines. The stainless steel products made from the material 1.4307 / 1.4541 are to be used in the Finnish-Swedish group’s project to optimise the paper and chemical pulp factory in Skoghall, Sweden.

Measured by its production capacity, Stora Enso is one of the world's largest manufacturers of paper and packaging material. It has more than 28 000 staff in 35 countries around the globe. According to company figures, it produces among other things, some 5.4 million tonnes of chemical pulp and 11.7 million tonnes of paper and cardboard per year. The project's aim is to strengthen Stora Enso Skoghall's competitiveness in the production of paperboard and cardboard. 

BUTTING will prefabricate the pipelines largely in Schwedt / Oder, Germany. Robin Walldèn, BUTTING's representative for Scandinavia, proudly reports: "Because of our high degree of prefabrication and our extensive project planning we were able to offer the customer an extremely attractive solution." The workforce has only a few weeks to complete the prefabrication. "We are keen to expand our presence in the Swedish market with this project. We are also working on reinforcing our position as leading supplier of pipes, prefabricated pipelines and vessels for the paper and chemical pulp industry." 

BUTTING in Schwedt is our expert unit for the construction of vessels and pipes as well as international installation work. A pillar of our success is the all-round service we offer: Through the combination of vessel and pipe construction, of CAD planning and cost-saving prefabrication right through to completing the installation work, and later providing the maintenance service, BUTTING takes on all the responsibility.

Extensive capacity is available, with over 350 employees, a hall surface area of more than 14 000 m2 and hall ceiling heights of up to 21 m. 

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