BUTTING apprentices are among the best

At the end of September the Lüneburg-Wolfsburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bad Bevensen gave awards to the best apprentices in the district. The two former apprentices from BUTTING in Knesebeck, Simon Grabowski and Melvin Gödecke, both gained the award as best candidate in their training careers.

This year a total of 4 465 apprentices passed the Chamber's training courses and 97 of them were awarded the highest marks.  Stefanie Tutay, Head of HR at BUTTING, said: "We're delighted about the great results of our trainees, because this reflects the impressive performances of our apprentices and our training."

The systems mechanic Melvin Gödecke trained in the welding technology field and successfully completed his apprenticeship this January. As a result of his outstanding performance, he will begin studying mechanical engineering in the autumn as a BUTTING scholarship holder. He has another date in his diary beforehand. He also achieved the best test result at state level and has been invited to receive his award with the other state winners.

Only a few years ago, BUTTING began offering the opportunity of a two-year apprenticeship as a machine and systems operator. Simon Grabowski completed his apprenticeship as the best in the Chamber. In future he will be able to display his talents in the finishing department of the family business.

Hubertus Kobernuß, Vice-President of the Lüneburg-Wolfsburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, congratulated the successful apprentices and guests: "Your hard work and commitment have laid the foundations for a very promising future. But the training companies which have led the top trainees to their success have also made a crucial contribution, thanks to the excellent quality of their training. Thus BUTTING was also commended by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for its outstanding training performance in 2016/17.

BUTTING – Fortschritt aus Tradition