BUTTING Akademie: "Knight of Knesebeck" returns

Recently, the "Knight of Knesebeck", a 17th-century stove tile, returned to BURG Knesebeck, which is home of the BUTTING Akademie. Dr Andreas Ebel, the district administrator of Gifhorn, presented the historic artefact to Hermann Butting, owner of the BUTTING Group.

In 2006, Heike and Hermann Butting acquired the old half-timbered building on the site of an earlier moated castle belonging to the historic House of Knesebeck. Following extensive renovation of this historically important building, an inspiring conference centre emerged: BURG Knesebeck. Archaeological excavations were also carried out during the renovation. The then district archaeologist was able to safely store many finds at Brome Castle.

Lately, Dr Andreas Ebel, together with Dr Ingo Eichfeld, the district archaeologist for Gifhorn, and Dr Florian Westphal, the museum director of Brome Castle, presented the owner with a historic find in the shape of a well preserved stove tile. Based on the subject matter and the green glazing, both archaeologists believe that the item was installed in the earlier castle complex before 1650. The tile clearly depicts a scene from a biblical story: the battle of David and Goliath. This must have been a popular theme, because tiles with a similar design have also been discovered in Brunswick. The tile got its nickname "Knight of Knesebeck" during the excavations, before the scene had been properly identified.

Hermann Butting promised that the historic find would be put on display in a suitable location inside BURG Knesebeck.

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