Bulk storage tanks for a thermal evaporation plant

Bulk storage tanks are the speciality of BUTTING Anlagenbau in Schwedt/Oder. Recently, for example, two bulk storage tanks were manufactured for a pulp and paper mill in Lower Saxony on behalf of the Austrian plant constructor GIG Karasek.

The two tanks are intended for a thermal evaporation plant of a pulp and paper mill in Alfeld. From January to August, BUTTING's experienced employees in Schwedt produced these tanks according to customer specifications. The 17-metre high tanks were first prefabricated in a workshop and then assembled outside the workshop, fitted with internal piping systems and completed while upright. After the successful pressure test by TÜV (the German technical inspection authority), the tanks were ready for shipping. 

At the end of August, the time had come: the two 70-metric-tonne evaporator bodies were placed horizontally by two large lorry-mounted revolving cranes and loaded onto the waiting lorries. Given their diameter of 4.50 metres, the most suitable means of transporting the tanks was by water. So heavy-duty transporters were used to take the two giants to the port in Schwedt, where they were lifted onto waiting ships. Rita Paeger, who is responsible for logistics at BUTTING in Schwedt, explains that "all activities, which comprised the transhipment of the tanks, their loading onto the lorries, transport to the port and transfer to the ships, were completed in a single day. It was challenge that everyone had planned and waited for with excitement. The team mastered this task on schedule and to the complete satisfaction of our customer."

BUTTING in Schwedt is our expert unit for the construction of vessels and pipes, installation work and industry services. One cornerstone of the Schwedt team's success is its all-round service: BUTTING takes on all the responsibility by combining vessel and pipeline construction, ranging from CAD planning and cost-saving prefabrication right through to completing the installation work and providing maintenance services. Extensive capacity is available, with over 350 employees, more than 14 000 m2 of hall surface and hall ceilings of up to 21 m. As a result, more than 1 000 projects have been implemented in recent years.

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition

Photo Dirk Mitterhofer
Dirk Mitterhofer
Managing Director BUTTING in Schwedt