Bending facilities extended in Knesebeck

BUTTING has specialised in the production of pipes, pipe fittings and pipework prefabrication for many decades. It recently expanded its forming technology facilities. In the future, we will be producing high-quality bends and free-form bends in a wider range of pipe sizes.

We produce pipe bends at our bending centre according to our customers' drawings and preferences. Our products are used in a wide range of applications, including measuring technology, general plant and machinery, the pharmaceutical and food industries, as well as the chemical and petrochemical industries. 

In addition to its many tried and trusted bending machines, BUTTING now has one of the most modern, fully electric CNC-controlled mandrel bending machines. Petra Sander, Sales Manager Customised components, is delighted with the wide range of production options: "We produce elbows, multiple and free-form bends ranging from OD 30 to OD 130 mm. We use pipes made from stainless steel with wall thicknesses of up to 6.0 mm."

This means that in addition to elbows, BUTTING can also produce bends according to customer drawings and free-form bends in several planes according to isometric drawings. Various angles and positions can be implemented for multiple bends. The elbows are cold-formed, and no subsequent heat treatment is required. Petra Sander explains: "The use of integrated and multiple bends cuts down on various fittings. It also means less welding and less testing – and so lower project costs for our customers."

In the future, we will offer an extended range of services to meet your needs:

  • Bends ranging from OD 30 to OD 130 mm
  • Wall thicknesses up to a maximum of 6.0 mm
  • Bending radius at least 1 x D
  • Bends according to customer drawings 
  • Free-form bends in several planes according to isometric drawings

"By investing in our new mandrel bending machine, we've been able to significantly broaden our options and offer our customers “More than pipes”. From pipes to ready-to-install components, we have their requirements covered. A critical advantage for our customers is that we're one supplier with lots of products," Petra Sander says. 

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition

Photo Petra Sander
Petra Sander
Sales Customised components
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