Anniversary celebrations: 40 years' of working for BUTTING

In the second half of this year, Gerd Flohr, Rainer Gottschalk, Jürgen Wenske, Detlev Wolter and Heinrich Meyer were able to celebrate: they have been part of the BUTTING family business for 40 years. At the anniversary celebrations over the past few weeks, Hermann Butting and managing director Thomas Schüller thanked the long-serving staff members for their work, their years of dedication and their loyalty.

In 1978 Gerd Flohr started work at BUTTING in the X-ray group of the Quality department. For the past four decades he has supported numerous technical developments in quality control. In addition, he developed through various training measures and his many years of experience to become a specialist in the assessment of welds.

The career of Rainer Gottschalk began at BUTTING in the locksmith's  shop. After gaining his first professional experience in the field of raw materials cutting, he was entrusted with the administration of the small parts warehouse. He also supported pipe construction in several new hall buildings. For more than 15 years he has been a member of the Materials Management team in Maintenance.

Jürgen Wenske completed his training at the Knesebeck family business in the turning shop. He gained his first professional experience on various machines in the field of milling and drilling and produced high-quality components for general tool and plant construction. After successfully completing his training as a state-certified industrial workshop manager, he is now an executive in the field of machining technology.

Detlev Wolter learned the trade of a factory locksmith at BUTTING. His path led him from locksmith work to surface technology, which he still reliably supports today. For 20 years he has been an active member of the Works Council. For a total of four years, the staff gave him the responsibility as chair of the Council.

Heinrich Meyer's career began in 1978 in pipe production at BUTTING. His first field of activity was at the forming press. After his successful workshop manager examination, he took over the management of the Cutting and Forming department, which he is still in charge of today. Parallel to his daily tasks, he has participated in numerous strategic projects in production, such as the introduction of electron beam welding or the set-up of 12-m metal plate production.

Hermann Butting, Managing Director Thomas Schüller and the relevant executives reviewed the last four decades at the anniversary celebrations. The memories and careers of the staff with anniversaries once again received special attention during a festive ceremony. Butting emphasised: "Your anniversary celebration is like a family celebration for me. That someone spends his entire professional career in one company is by no means a matter of course today. The great wealth of experience of the staff with anniversaries is irreplaceable to ensure the reliability and quality of our services." 

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition