All aboard "The LOK"!

It is almost two years since the "Old Villa" had to be demolished. After many weeks and months of construction, the new administration building – "The LOK" – is ready for occupation. Instead of a topping-out ceremony, the building was inaugurated with a small celebration on the 3rd of March. All the construction companies involved in the work and BUTTING employees were invited and were the first to see into the new premises.

Hermann Butting: "My main aim this morning is to thank you all for the excellent work your combined efforts have produced". He expressed his particular thanks to the architects, Dipl.-Ing. Carola Gräflich and Dipl.-Ing. Marcel Monard, who were responsible for both planning and site management, and praised the excellent collaboration between everyone involved.

Walter Schulze, Deputy Mayor of the town of Wittingen, also expressed his congratulations, wishing everyone "bon voyage" and presenting a puppet of Lukas the engine driver, which Hermann Butting accepted with obvious pleasure.

In his speech, architect Monard took guests on an 8-stage journey in which he looked back on the construction period, and thanked all those involved in the various tasks. He expressed his special thanks to Heike Butting for her creative input, especially in the design of the interior. As with the renovation of Knesebeck Castle, the teamwork between Butting and architect duo Gräflich and Monard proved very successful.

The shape of the new administration building is reminiscent of a steam locomotive, and when seen from the street, the roof terrace looks like a coal-box. Both the BUTTING family and the architects felt the relationship with the past was very important. "We chose building materials for the external façade that were reminiscent of the red bricks from the old brickworks, but using state-of-the-art application technology. Construction under the motto 'progress by tradition' you could say", explains Hermann Butting. The building technology is outstanding. For example, the waste heat caused by pipe construction from coil is used for heating and cooling purposes and therefore the demands of the Energy Saving Ordinance will be exceeded by around 50%.

Managing Director Norbert Heinzle adds: "I feel the same spirit of progress and quality awareness in The LOK as I feel when I walk through the 12-meter steel plate production shop".

In conclusion, Hermann Butting delivered a blessing for the building, its employees and the visitors from Chapter 15 of St. Luke’s Gospel: "Peace be upon this house!"

After the official ceremony, all the other BUTTING employees were able to view the new premises during an open day event.

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition