Agent Symposium at BUTTING

True to our self-conception, we are designing a powerful network with cooperation partners worldwide. To preserve this network and improve cooperation, regular meetings of our global partners take place in Knesebeck. One of these meetings took place at the beginning of April: BUTTING agents and staff exchanged ideas about local markets, product solutions and strategies.

For some years now, BUTTING has been represented all over the world – companies in China, Canada and Brazil are now part of the BUTTING Group. In addition, BUTTING has established a global network of external agents. Selected foreign companies are our resident intermediaries in various regions and markets in Asia and Africa. Their activities lie mainly in referring us to new business partners and arranging orders. They have been working for a few years now as an essential connecting link between BUTTING and our potential customers. The significance of the collaboration is in the detail. Our partners speak their native tongue, know the culture of their countries and the mentality of the people living and working there. They are on site for us and bring us near to our customers.

To thank them for their commitment, BUTTING invited them to take part in a two-day symposium in Knesebeck. Stainless steel pipes and their manufacture, materials and their application, products and their use – that was only a small part of the subject matter awaiting the participants. Particular attention was paid to getting to know one another and exchanging experiences, both among the agents themselves and with the Sales staff from Knesebeck.

Norbert Heinzle, Managing Director for Markets at Knesebeck: “We succeeded in letting our agents and the BUTTING staff get to know one another even better, intensified their mutual understanding and deepened their awareness of individual market requirements.”

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