A milestone – 40 years at BUTTING

In mid-May, a dinner was held at Wittinger Tor in honour of the employees who celebrated 40 years working at BUTTING in Knesebeck at the beginning of this year. With their partners in attendance, Thomas Schüller honoured ten employees who have remained loyal to our company for 40 years – the first time in our company’s history that so many employees have reached this milestone at the same time.

The long-serving staff, who joined at the start of 1974, work in various specialised fields within the company: Dieter Hahn from shaped-part production, Rolf Bonness, Heinz-Eckhard Piep, Andreas Czubera and Siegfried Reichelt, from single-part production and Hartmut Rehbock from surface technology - finishing, Günter Krupke from surface technology - pipe pickling, Marlies Krebiel from marketing, Andrea Arndt from development & construction and Heinrich Gschwender from the department for non-destructive radiographic examination. 

Our board of management and the works council were present to honour these long-serving staff. In addition, the relevant heads of department said a few personal words about "their" honourees and looked back over the past decades.

In these fast-moving times, a long period of employment and the resulting loyalty to the company should not be taken for granted. This therefore also represents a special success for BUTTING. "We are proud of the longstanding commitment and outstanding loyalty of our employees. We are aware of how valuable they are. They have played a significant role in shaping the company, are important experts and the basis for our company's success," according to Thomas Schüller.


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