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Award for safety at work  
For the first time, BUTTING has won a bonus from a customer for outstanding achievements in the area of safety at work: on 21 February, INPEX gave us an award for safety at work in the “Ichthys LNG  
BUTTING New Era in the Middle East Market  
Over the past years, BUTTING has taken a dynamic approach to its expansion in its overseas markets. In a continuation of this strategy and to strengthen its position in an existing market BUTTING is  
… possíveis, sob demanda. exame de magnetismo residual. 6 TUBOS CLADEADOS TUBOS CLADEADOS BuBi® Pipes cladeados mecanicamente Os tubos cladeados mecanicamente BuBi ® (BUTTING- utilizado, torna-se…  
Cemented, mechanically clad pipes: certification from DNV GL is available  
Last year, the oil and gas industry throughout the world was able to convince itself of BUTTING's innovative power and problem-solving ability. After many years of development work, BUTTING has  
Delivery of Ichthys and Julimar  
… of Australia: BUTTING is playing a vital role in the Ichthys project by supplying around 75 km of BuBi® pipes. In addition, 35 km of mechanically lined pipes were produced for the Julimar project, to the…  
Desenvolvimento inovador para a indústria de óleo e gás  
…ação e proporcionar uma economia no custo de matéria prima.  O princípio do tubo é inovador: Baseado no BuBi®, um tubo cladeado mecanicamente, se acrescentou um adesivo especial entre o aço carbono-manganês do…  
Framework agreement signed with Subsea 7  
Subsea 7 and BUTTING recently concluded a framework agreement on the supply of metallurgically clad, mechanically lined, duplex and superduplex pipes. Joseph Leroy, Vice President Supply Chain  
Indústria de óleo e gás  
… Setor Indústria de óleo e gás Projeto Ichthys e Julimar Escopo de fornecimento 110 km tubos BuBi® 8,5 km de tubos metalurgicamente cladeados Tubos Duplex Curvas Dimensões  18” BuBi®Pipes 12” Tubos…  
Innovation for the oil and gas industry  
BUTTING has developed a glued mechanically lined pipe that can be laid by the reel-lay process, without using internal pressure or increasing the wall thickness of the corrosion-resistant liner: the  
Major investment in BuBi® production  
…At the beginning of the 1990s, BUTTING developed the mechanically clad BUTTING bi-metal pipe – the BuBi® pipe for short. Since then, this pipe has impressed numerous customers worldwide. As demand grows steadily,…  
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