Ship loading in Schwedt with a high degree of flexibility

In April, BUTTING Anlagenbau in Schwedt once again had to act quickly in an organised manner and with a high degree of flexibility, especially when it came to shipping.

BUTTING received an order to manufacture and deliver two exhaust gas filter housings for a copper smelter in Glogow (Poland). The material V4A / 1.4404 was used for parts that come into contact with fluids and the external materials were made of material V2A / 1.4307. The vessel bodies with a transport size of 11.30 x 6.33 x 5.80 metres (L x W x H) and the vessel heads with the dimensions 5.50 x 5.50 x 2.25 metres (L x W x H) can only be transported by river boat on the Oder from Schwedt to the construction site in Poland. This year, the Oder River already had low water levels at the time of the planned transport and, with a shipping lane depth of less than 80 cm, there was not enough water for the required ship size.

Information that the shipowner chosen by BUTTING provided about an artificially generated wave in the southern Oder area arrived at just the right time. For an artificially generated wave, water is first dammed up. When the water level is sufficient, the lock and the overflow elements are opened, creating a wave. In order to utilise the extension of the wave, our colleagues in Schwedt had three days to prepare the transport. This meant organising a police escort for the trucks for the pre-carriage trip from the Kuhheide address to the harbour. In addition, the provision of the ship and the cranes for direct transhipment had to be coordinated with all parties involved.

Thanks to the good and longstanding cooperation with the local partners, there is now a well-coordinated team in place. In addition to quick loading, this cooperation also has a positive effect on costs. "The extension of this wave was able to help us navigate the critical low water area", said Rita Paeger, Head of Storage and logistics at BUTTING Anlagenbau in Schwedt. As a result, the ship carrying the BUTTING vessels was able to leave the port of Schwedt on time.


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