New facilities for BUTTING China

At BUTTING Tieling in China, new production halls were completed at the end of 2019. Two new facilities were recently put into operation in one of the two halls. The facilities enable customers to obtain painted or blasted products directly from BUTTING. With the start of operation, two investments were completed at the same time.

One of the new facilities is a paint booth measuring 20 x 8 metres. The paint booth is equipped with a corridor pre-filtering system for exhaust air as well as a subsequent pocket filter system and a "photocatalysis" process. This painting booth also includes two 45 kW exhaust air systems. "The new facility meets the latest emission and occupational safety requirements", says Jens Ellermann, Managing Director of BUTTING China. On the other hand, a new steel particle blasting system was put into operation. The 15 x 10 metre free-jet room is operated with compressed air. In the facility, which also meets the highest official requirements, emission protection is guaranteed by two 15 kW fine filter units in addition to the recirculation, reprocessing and pelleting of the residual dust. 

At present, the main beneficiaries of both facilities are customers of supply lines for the geothermal energy industry and of complete projects, which often include painted steel structures. "Above all, the facilities will significantly improve efficiency and quality as well as occupational health and safety at our Chinese site", Ellermann continues.


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