Nickel alloy for the Middle East

Besides austenitic, duplex and superduplex steels, BUTTING has focused on the fabrication of special materials. We have long years of extensive processing experience, in forming, joining and heat-treating these materials. Recently we were able to demonstrate our competence in the production of large pipes from Alloy 600. The pipes are destined for a major project in the United Arab Emirates.

Since the construction of a first huge refinery complex to create the Ruwais industrial site in the late 1970s, expansion has been on the agenda there. Today, around 200 km west of Abu Dhabi City, not only is oil refined and natural gas liquefied and prepared here – a large amount of fertilisers and polypropylene goods is produced as well. By 2020, the existing plant is to be expanded considerably and new factories are planned or under construction, with the aim of turning Ruwais into a petrochemical mega-complex.

For one phase in this expansion, BUTTING has been given the order to supply longitudinally welded pipes from Alloy 600 (UNS N0600). This special alloy is especially well-known for its resistance to stress corrosion cracking in water at high temperatures. BUTTING produced more than 300 m of pipes with large diameters, from 914.4 mm to 1 117.6 mm. The pipes were manufactured from individual steel plates in accordance with ASTM standards, with bevels at the pipe-ends, and subjected to a 100 % digital X-ray test.

We supply pipes and prefabricated piping from special materials to renowned customers all over the world, especially from the chemical industry and the oil and gas industries. This was recently the case for the Barzan project in Qatar and the BANYU URIP project in Indonesia.

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