BUTTING Anlagenbau: The success story continues

BUTTING in Schwedt is our expert unit for the construction of vessels and pipes, installation work and industry services. Last year was an exceptional one for BUTTING Anlagenbau in Schwedt. Several major projects were completed in a year with record turnover. The prospects for 2017 are promising as well. Dirk Mitterhofer, Managing Director of BUTTING Anlagenbau, takes a positive view in this interview.

Which major projects were processed by BUTTING Anlagenbau in 2016?
In 2016 we supported major projects in various countries. In Germany, a new paper machine was constructed in Düren. In Renkum in the Netherlands and Kotka in Finland, our efforts led to the successful refurbishment of paper machines from newsprint to packaging paper. These refurbishments are very frequent due to the rapidly increasing need for cardboard materials, and they make up a large part of our projects for the paper and pulp industry in Europe.

What was special for you about last year?
In vessel production, for the first time we constructed a vessel with four additional internal casings for a customer in the food technology sector. So a sort of vessel within a vessel – a similar principle to that of the Russian matryoshka dolls. It took a lot of effort to produce this vessel: Because of the insertion of the extra internal vessels and the necessary height for working, it had to be completed in front of our production hall. The surfaces also had to be produced in the quality normal for the food sector, which at times was very complex and time-consuming.

Did BUTTING in Schwedt undertake major investments?
We were a little more cautious with our investments in 2016, due to the good utilisation of capacity in order to get through the volume of work. Nevertheless, we did complete the enlargement of the administration building to improve the workplace situation in the containers, and be properly equipped with attractive office workplaces for the future. We also installed new 6-m shears and a 6-m press brake.

How do you assess developments for 2017?
The current capacity utilisation in terms of installation is very good – due to a major project in Äänekoski, Finland. All other projects start towards the end of the first quarter, so that there will be intensive work on our construction sites all over the world from May onwards. Prefabrication for pipe assembly has good capacity utilisation due to an outstanding order book towards the end of 2016 and in the first weeks of this year.
In  2017 we were already able to book the first major projects for expanding a pulp plant in Sweden. We were also able to acquire a major order for vessels for a paper and pulp plant and an equally large order for a pipework project in Sweden.

Have you also planned investments for this year?
We will be upgrading our welding technology at our fixed installation automatic welding machines with the objective of further improving our efficiency.
We also intend to expand one hall, to offer our apprentices ideal workplace conditions.

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