Awards ceremony for summer 2019 apprentices

This summer, eleven trainees in seven skilled jobs successfully completed their training at BUTTING. At the traditional awards ceremony on 26 July, the certificates were presented and the trainees congratulated on their achievement. Thomas Schüller, Managing Director of BUTTING in Knesebeck, welcomed the apprentices with their families, trainers and vocational teaching staff.

Lukas Wesemann (plant mechanic), Zokol Begani, Herbert Esau, Tim Kunstmann, Markus Karol, Arne Sölter, Willi Strehlau (machine and plant operators), Julia Schulze, Jan Mühe (business management), Jonas Hess (electronics), Niklas Beyerstedt (IT specialist AD), Vanessa Horstmann, Anika Jakobi (warehouse logistics specialists), Kevin Schulz (materials tester) and Tim David Seidel (machine operator) celebrated the successful completion of their apprenticeships. "You can be proud of completing your training, so enjoy the moment today and start learning again tomorrow," said Thomas Schüller, encouraging them to keep learning.

The trainers told anecdotes about the three-year apprenticeships. They appreciated how well the apprentices had performed and thanked the vocational teaching staff for the smooth interaction between company and school. In addition, each of the apprentices was presented with an individual photo collage to remind them of their best moments during training.

At the end the vocational teaching staff praised their achievements, and also the awards ceremony, because it is a special way of showing appreciation to the apprentices.The youth and trainee representatives Alke Dammann and Marlon Dierks officially concluded the ceremony before everyone then headed for the canteen for a snack and to enjoy the afternoon together.

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition