Successful Nadcap certification

Since the mid-1970s, BUTTING has been producing pipes, elbows and flanges as well as ready-to-fit pressurised gas and fuel lines for the aerospace industry. BUTTING has continually expanded its range of services for this sector. An important component: The main plant in Knesebeck has had Nadcap "Welding" certification since the end of 2018.

Nadcap is a global cooperative accreditation programme for aerospace technology, defence and related industries. The Nadcap program ensures a globally consistent quality standard that the aerospace industry relies on processes for manufacturing and testing its components. But BUTTING had to go through a very extensive audit by the Performance Review Institute (PRI), in which all necessary requirements were successfully tested. The accredited test spectrum includes the sub-process of welding in the production of pipelines.

Dennis Lahmann, project officer for the certification process and employed in the quality assurance area, explains: "All in all, it took us nearly a year to prepare and take the initial certification test. The challenges for us were not in manufacturing know-how, but rather in the administrative preparation of the written documents."

Thomas Knöfel, in Quality Management at the main plant in Knesebeck, is proud of the performance: "Achieving Nadcap certification is not easy. The aerospace industry uses it to identify those partners who excel in producing high-quality products through skilled and supervised processes."

Aerospace customers can benefit from Nadcap certification: Now BUTTING is your qualified partner!

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