Pump systems for the oil and gas industry

Selecting the right material, high-quality processing of the raw material, complying with demanding tolerances of form and position – all of these are criteria used by BUTTING to guarantee the functional security and long life of its stainless steel components in pump units for the offshore area.

For more than 15 years, we have been producing riser pipes, well heads and special components ready for installation for pump units which have a high degree of operational safety and corrosion resistance. 

Huge quantities of salt water are required every day all over the world to ensure that oil and natural gas can be brought to the surface, stored and loaded, 24 hours a day. For the offshore industry, BUTTING produces components for pump systems used on FPSO tankers or oil platforms. In the offshore area, the pump units are used for cooling purposes in the field of service, industrial and process water. In addition, they are used for fire extinguisher systems in order to have sufficient water to put out any fires. Pumps suck in salt water, and riser pipes and the connected well-head bring it up to the platform.
Filter screens produced by BUTTING often protect the pump system and prevent impurities in the water from being sucked into the pump. Thus they make an important contribution to ensure the systems can function in the long term.

Its experience and competence in the welding, forming and materials technology field allow BUTTING to produce all the components for the pump units - except for the pump itself. In order to ensure corrosion resistance in aggressive, salty sea water, duplex (1.4462) and superduplex materials (1.4501) are frequently used in the pump systems. We have processing these materials since they were developed, for the offshore industry, among other areas.BUTTING supplies customised complete solutions through the use and combination of specific procedural applications along the process chain, such as the laser, welding, metal cutting and forming technologies. A high degree of automation and of reproducibility ensures top-class processing quality here. Production is done to fit particular sizes, e. g. H7/f6. Our quality assurance system, which supports production, guarantees compliance with the selected tolerances, e. g. through measuring the pipe components with 3-D measuring devices.

We can produce components from 1” in size according to international standards and perform comprehensive tests on them, for example in accordance with NORSOK specification or with the customer’s own specification. (These include BP, Shell and Exxon Mobil).
The greatest possible degree of prefabrication ensures high product quality. Thus the ready-to-fit parts only have to be assembled, equipped with an engine and a pump and installed on the oil platform.

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