New training campaign – "No mere pipe dream!"

Recently, BUTTING in Knesebeck has been breaking new ground with its "No mere pipe dream! [Volles Rohr]" campaign to promote job training opportunities. To date, we have been able to fill our training places rather well. But in the years ahead and because of demographic change, we expect to see the trend in applicant numbers decline. With its new training campaign "No mere pipe dream!” BUTTING, as an innovative family-owned business, is committed to this issue and is injecting new impetus in its search for suitable applicants. Our aim is to address the "new generation" in a targeted way and to present the benefits of a family business and to highlight the wide range of options available at BUTTING.

According to the Federal Employment Agency, there was a very worrying sign last year: for every 100 registered training places, there were only 92 applicants. This left Germany with a total of 50 000 unfilled training places. The fact that applicant numbers are generally declining was reason enough for BUTTING to overhaul and adapt its approach to recruiting trainees, even though it hasn't been affected as yet by this development. Carsten Kamke, who is in charge of technical training at BUTTING in Knesebeck, explains the campaign: "We want to use our new approach to address Gen Z in a more contemporary way. Not only have we changed the way we use language to appeal to a younger audience, we are now also using other tools and channels to reach them."

In addition to traditional ads and banners at our company entrances, we’ve just started with advertising on buses. A recruiting campaign via Instagram is also planned. Antje Hausmann is in charge of commercial training at BUTTING's main plant. She is quite clear in her assessment that it is crucial to attract the attention of young people to inspire interest in our company. She explains: "In Knesebeck alone, BUTTING trains over 30 apprentices in each training year, in total over 100. We also support our apprentices from the moment training starts until it ends – and not only on a professional level. Preparing young people for life's challenges is also part of our job. Every apprentice can benefit from training at BUTTING, but they have to be prepared to put the effort in for a future that's no mere pipe dream!

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