Implications of the conflict in Ukraine

With deep concern we all follow the tragic development of the conflict in Ukraine, our thoughts are first and foremost with all those affected in and living around living the regions of the conflict. Notwithstanding this we want to contact our customers directly, to explain the implications of this war that already have become apparent in our supply chain.

Even before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine both BU&TING and you our customer’s we were all faced with difficult challenges and requests such as (but not limited to) long delivery and validity times for BUTTING products which has been made even more impossible due to the extreme volatility of metal metal and commodity price volatility. On the basis of these extreme high levels, quoted Nickel price as at 7th March 2022 which elevated up to 50,000 USD and resulted in suspension of LME trading on 8th March 2022

We are fully aware and sensitive of the burdens of both partners, customers and suppliers are now faced with. BUTTING is active in a lot of very different markets with a variety of products and for this direct reasons we do not have one single answer for the diverse challenges we are faced with! But we assure you that we will do our utmost to continue to be a professional reliable partner in order to find mutually acceptable solutions. With regard to future supply of materials we will try our best endeavours to meet your specific requirements, offers and accept orders, subject to back-to-back arrangements with our required suppliers.

Nonetheless the current situation requires individual and appropriate solutions customized to meet your needs.

Your BUTTING contact persons are at all times at your disposal and please do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions or require further clarification.

In this difficult period our thoughts continue to be with all the people directly affected by the conflict, at the same time we hope that a peaceful solution will be found as soon as possible.

BUTTING – more than pipes – for a better quality of life